In order to respond market demand of textile industry and further development of its integrated service, Kusuma Santosa Group established new spinning mills area in 2014. With name of Pamor Spinning Mills, this new production unit possesses exceptional amount of 90.000 spindles.

Pamor Spinning Mills is designed to be able to produce high quality yarns with effective production cost in our mind. This requires our management to always prioritize on the excellent production quality, in which aligned with our motto “Mind The Quality”.


To be one of the leading yarns manufacturer through outstanding quality yarn and the lastest technology to meet global market


To manufacture high quality yarn that give our customers a competitive advantage
Consistently and measurably enhance the quality of our products and services to customers
To grow globally through cost competitiveness and outstanding quality
To upgrade production facilities and technology continuously
To create the best value for our customers so that out products become customer`s choice
To recruit, develop, and retain skilled and dedicated manpower, reward superior performance
To make healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with our vendors & partners and to work with high trust and integrity
To maximize shareholders satisfaction, profits, and growth through good corporate governance


There are two raw materials that we use for production, rayon staple fiber and cotton. For rayon staple fiber, we use high tenacity fiber, 1.2 Denier, 38 mm. For cotton, we take advantage of high quality raw materials in which are mixture of cottons from Australia, USA, Brazil, and many other cotton producer countries. The mixing process of cotton is one of the most vital aspects in Pamor Spinning Mills which enable us to produce standarized high-quality product while maintaining competitive rates for our clients. this called Pamor Bale Management System.

We are determined to become your reliable business partner in every challenge. Our company is designed to be adaptive to innovation and technology which result in more efficient production, better management, and higher quality assurance for our customers.

Dewanto Santosa – President Director


In the blow room, we are using USTER JOSSI VISION SHIELD with Foreign Fiber Detection (FFD) to clean the cotton. our Jossi is equipped with Magic eye feature which able to detect all type of contamination including white transparent polypropylene (PP).

For carding and drawing process, RIETER latest technology with excellent scanning precision and auto-leveling dynamics stand are used in order to produce outstanding silver regularity. For roving process, we are using cutting edge roving machine with latest technology of tension control system which can efficiently producing high quality roving faster and better.

Maintaining maximum quality product and focusing on efficiency is our way to ensuring customer satisfaction. We are using extensive combination of cutting edge technology to produce our yarns.

Equipped with high-productivity ring-frame auto doffing machines, which has 1488 spindles per machine (totals of 90.000 spindles), Pamor Spinning Mills capable of producing yarn approximately 1.000 tons per month. And we are planning to extend it to be 140.000 spindles in the near future

MURATA QPRO WINDING machines are used to output high-quality stillborn yarn. For final clearing process of the yarn, USTER QUANTUM 3 Smart Clearing Technology attached to retrieve any foreign object detected and remove yarn’s defect. Before packing process begins, the yarns goes through steaming process to strengthen and firmly enhance durability.

Our Product have been well known and widely used in countries such as Japan, Korea, Cina, Italy, USA, Mexico, Egypt, and many more.


Material Type Count Range
Cotton Carded Ne 16 up to Ne 40
Combed Ne 20 up to Ne 50
Rayon Ne 20 up to Ne 60
Material Type Count Range
Cotton/ Rayon Slub Ne 16 up to Ne 30
Siro Ne 16 up to Ne 30
Core Spun Yarn (CSY) Ne 20 up to Ne 40
Fine Count Ne 50 up to Ne 80
High Twist Ne 20 up to Ne 60
Double Yarn 2 Ply, 3 Ply, 4 Ply


Quality Control Lab
To ensure the quality, we conduct two stages of quality control. there are raw material quality control and yarn quality control. Each process holds important key to produce the expected quality yarns.

Raw Material Quality Control
process is done using HVI machine to determine the quality and grade of each fiber sample and provide Pamor Spinning Mills detailed data for production needs.

Yarn Quality Control
ensures each stage of production process will result the expected quality and standardized yarn. This lab process is using USTER TESTER5 and TENSO RAPID4.

Production Management
Pamor Spinning Mills equipped with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that specifically designed for textile industry production’s monitoring and controlling. With this ERP, Pamor Spinning Mills is able to differentiate itself by emphasizing on efficiency and quality


To produce the cleanliness of yarn, requires a clean environment that free from dust and other particles which can compromise the evenness and other essential properties of the yarn. Only through air-filters, automated vacuum cleaners, and special working outfit, cleanliness production floor can be maintained. We also installed with special high-tech-air-conditioning system with air filtering from Switzerland.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Pamor Spinning Mills is inspired to constantly preserving the environment and the welfare of its society, including the workers and employees. This is a culture that was built by the founder since the beginning of this company.
The social activities are shown by creating Yayasan Amal Fatimah, which is caring to the local children orphanage. And this efforts continues with build a mosque and public schools. Pamor Spinning Mills also involved in fund raising and charity for many social activities.

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